Certified Lectric eBike Repair Service Center

Having problems with your Lectric eBike? Mobile Bike Pros is a certified eBike Service Center for Lectric.

Select us through the "Service Network - Lectric eBikes" for your Lectric eBike service. Contact Us for more information or if you have any questions.

LOCATED in San Dimas, CA, 91773.

Mobile Service is available!

*Mobile Service Fee*

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Can Mobile Bike Pros work on my ebike?

Yes, Mobile Bike Pros is a certified ebike mechanic. We are experienced in fixing all Lectric ebikes.

We do not stock all parts. Please contact us or get in touch with Lectric eBikes to inquire about purchasing parts for delivery to you or us.

Scheduled Tune-Ups is recommended, even if it involves only minor tune-ups done by yourself. It is always best to have a maintenance check performed by an experienced Lectric ebike mechanic.

Maintaining battery health.

When storing your ebike for a week or longer, it is recommended to charge no higher than 75%.

After a month in storage it is recommended to recharge the battery back to 75%.

You can check your battery health by using a voltage reader or contact us for help.

How Much Maintenance Does A Lectric ebike Need?

The amount of service is similar to regular bikes. Ebike maintenance can cost less than maintaining your average car. Preventative maintenance can go a long way by lowering your repair cost and extending the life of your ebike. Not an expert or need help maintaining your Rad ebike?

Mobile Bike Pros are Lectric eBike-approved mechanics. Mobile Bike Pros offers warranty service, mobile bike service at your home/chosen location, or bring your Lectric ebike to our repair shop in San Dimas.

What can Mobile Bike Pros fix?

We can fix anything from noisy or rubbing brakes, check your battery or display, hydraulic brakes. You name it, we can fix it. Contact Us for more information.